Juhani Salmi´s Observatory in Vaania, Finland

N 61º 07' 47.7"

E 25º 32' 18.3"

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The building is 3.7 x 3.7 meters and the dome diameter is 3.6m.
The observatory was built back in 1979.

The main instrument is a 305mm dia main mirror f/6.4 Newtonian. Guide scope is 100mm dia lens,f=1450mm. The refractor serves also as a sun-telescope for protuberance observing.

The sector drive equals a 877mm dia worm! The lenght of the sector is 450mm.
The fork is made of steel 100x150mm 10mm thick. RA shaft is 60mm in diameter. In Juhani´s opinion its about the minimum for a scope of this size. The base of the mount is made of 5mm welded steel plates filled with concrete - and I can tell You it weighs almost too much. I was one of the "volunteers" to drag the thing from the nearest road up a steep hill to the observatory...
Oh, those sweet memories!

Juhani himself..

Pictures taken in 94 & 95.

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