Big Bear Observatory

N 60º 21' 10.9" - E 24º 24' 25.4"

This is a pictorial story of my first Observatory built back in 1984.

The dome was built a couple of years before the actual observatory,
infact I started to build the dome before I even knew where I could put it!
The observatory part was 5m x 5m. The rest of the building was for my
workshop and garden tool storage. Downstairs I had living quaters and a
small reference library, and it was kept warm all year around.
On the observatory grounds I had two other buildings, a summer cottage
and a sauna. Nothing beats a warm sauna bath in cold winter days!
The observatory building lies almost in east-west direction.
I sold the property a few years ago and the new owner donated the dome
to another amateur observatory in southern Finland.
Hopefully in a year or two IŽll have a new observatory!


Building the Observatory
The start
Observing floor
Making the dome
Moving the dome
Lifting the dome

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