The Grinding Machine

1. Belts should be used as they will slip if something gets stuck!

2. Dimensioning of belt pulleys depends on the motor available. If one can afford a variable speed system - the belt system can be simplified greatly.
A fourth shaft can be added to reduce speed if necessary

3. The pulleys were dimensioned so that ratios are not even (like 1:4). This should lessen the possibility to get zones etc.

4. A steel plate has been welded to one side of the frame. The motor is mounted to it. (missing from drawings)
For safety reasons all belts run inside the machine frame and protective covering can be easily added!!!!!
Also for safety the table top (yellow) must be dimensioned so that all moving parts are inside the walls.
The top is made from fiberglass.

5. All nuts, washers and bolts should be stainless!!!
Actually I would make all of the frame stainless - no rust - no need to paint = much better looking.


7. Alternate bearing housing type - this is larger in dimension than the one used - same shaft size! The frame dimensions need to be changed depending on the bearing housing size!

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